Terms and conditions

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

Access to any of the matches of game offered by Cibernetica Gerber expressed implies acceptance of the conditions and methods of use contained in "Terms and Conditions" and Rules.
Cibernetica Gerber reserves the right to update these policies at any time without notice, making a third knowable through the announcement on Community Forum and through the display of the changes highlighted, whose membership includes explicit acceptance to the new conditions of use.

Description of Service

Cibernetica Gerber offers its users the game of science fiction Wardrome.
These services are free of charge and to access them it is necessary to register.
Users who wish can have the opportunity to buy privileges in game, defined Gold.


  • To sign up you must use a valid e-mail address. Cibernetica Gerber reserves the right to verify the validity anytime
  • The user may cancel the account at any time
  • The deletion of data could be delayed for technical reasons
  • Cibernetica Gerber reserves the right to delete or block the accounts, usually but not exclusively in case of violation of these Terms and Conditions or the Rules. Any objections can be advanced on Wardrome Community.

They may not be legal claims involving the termination of an account.

Responsibility for run the service

Cibernetica Gerber are constantly trying to ensure the availability of all its services every time.
However, for circumstances beyond our control, some services may not be available on request.
For this reason, any user can not complain about the availability of services.
Cibernetica Gerber can not be held responsible in any case by interrupting server, programming imperfections, lag, etc.
The occurrence of disadvantages for a user interruptions caused by server, programming imperfections, lag, etc. not entitle the user to obtain the restoration of the status of their account at the state before the event.

Responsibility for content

Cibernetica Gerber provides a platform that allows users to communicate with each other. Users are responsible for the content of their communications.
As specified in the Rules , pornographic content, xenophobic, offensive and / or any other illegal content are banned , Cibernetica Gerber can not be held responsible for that.
These violations involve the temporary or permanent removal from some or all services provided by Cibernetica Gerber.


  • The types of payment for Gold service vary depending on the nationality of the types of payment available on the market and technical possibilities
  • Payment is made through intermediaries authorized Stripe and in-app purchase system of Apple and Google
  • The gold is paid automatically to the user who buys service.
  • Cibernetica Gerber ensures the provision of accurate Premium purchased but is not responsible for any delays in providing the same
  • There will be no refund of any kind for cease voluntarily or cease by the Administration
  • In no way you can require the transfer of Premium by someone to another, nor from the match to another