The Wardrome community has a discussion forum on the Fediverse of, a virtual place where players, experts and newbie can meet outside of the game to exchange hints and discuss the game itself.

You can reach us at Wardrome community at

The fediverse is a decentralized network of independently operated servers that are connected to one another.

This means that users on the fediverse have the ability to communicate with each other across different servers.

This can be a good thing for our official communication channels because it offers a level of flexibility and control that may not be possible with other centralized platforms.

For example, if an organization decides to use the fediverse as their official communication channel, they can choose which servers to join and can even operate their own server if they want to.

This gives the organization more control over the content that is shared and who has access to it, which can be beneficial for maintaining security and privacy.

Additionally, the decentralized nature of the fediverse means that it is less vulnerable to censorship and other forms of interference.