The game

You are one step away from the amazing and dark universe of Wardrome science fiction.
Wardrome is a game that will test your skills as an administrator, strategist and adventurer.

You will grow your empire planet after planet, resarch technologies and gather taxes; you will explore a huge universe in first person on board of your ships; you will build your fleet, customize your ships and their crews; you will partecipate in political life dealing with the Senate, hunt aliens and dangerous outlaws... You will engage battles in a sensational real time game.

You will develop the story of your character by participating in the campaigns prepared by the staff or creating your path between the stars.

The Republic and the races

Four races face themselves in the sidereal space: humans, androids, cyborgs and clones. A precarious peace reigns between these races that for centuries have made of the Galaxy their battlefield: the Republic arose from the ashes of war, and has become powerful and corrupt.
Intrigues, alliances and betrayals are just the front side of the of a ferment of old rivalries, that are waiting the right time to turn back to conflict.

The Careers

In Wardrome each player can do its part in some ways in the game, but everyone will have the opportunity to specialise in a particular field.
There are eight career that a commander can take, each with its ships and special skills.

  • simbolo carriera militare  Soldier: When there is a battle to fight, in the art of war he is always the best.
  • simbolo carriera cacciatore di taglie  Bounty Hunter: Explore the galaxy searching for criminals and aliens.
  • simbolo carriera commerciante  Merchant: With its traffic accumulates a fortune in a short time.
  • simbolo carriera minatore  Miner: To build an empire you have to gather the right resources.
  • simbolo carriera industriale  Industrial: Armed factory vessels for the production of valuable components.
  • simbolo carriera scienziato  Scientist: Able to produce valuable technological units.
  • simbolo carriera colonizzatore  Colonizer: The best in the art of terraforming populous planets.
  • simbolo carriera pirata  Pirate: Enemies of all, they are a threat to the Republic.


What's your name?
What is your personal history?
What are your goals?
Think about all this and Wardrome will transform your game into a unique experience.
Wardrome is a roleplaying game in which each player plays the role of a stellar commander.
The role play is not required anyways, although those who decide not to do so must not spoil the others' role play.

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