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Human, Android, Clone or Cyborg, which race is the best?

None, the race does not affect the game if not at role playing and composition of the clans (members of the same clan must have the same race).

Is there any rule on the names of the character?

Avoid scurrilous, vulgar or sensitivity damaging names. We recommend proper names with the first letter capital, and responsive to a science fiction setting.

How much accounts or characters can I be in every game?

In each game every player can have only one account/character.

Will I be competitive with those who started to play long ago?

You start the game with vessels that are less powerful than those of some players, but nobody is invincible in Wardrome and everyone can inflict enormous damage regardless of their degree, so do not be afraid and start this adventure.

Is the game really free?

Sure. Is it possible to buy Premium days, but this does not affect the chances of a player to dominate the standings.

What do I need to play?

A standard Internet browser. We recommend Safari or Firefox.


What is the best career to start?

All Wardrome careers have the same opportunities to grow and develop.

I have limited time to stay online...

For those who can not stay online for long times, certain careers are easier than others.
Military, miner, scientist, industrial are recommended in these cases.

What is a clan?

A clan is a community made of 2 to 15 players of the same race that decide to act together and share possessions, wealth and enemies.

What does "Turn based game" mean?

Wardrome game is a turn-based strategy game, the turs are called energy: each player earns 15 energy units every twenty minutes, this energy is spent to operate and can be accumulated up to the stipulated limit. Every action has its energy cost, moving ships (1) and planet generation (5) are some examples.

What are degrees?

Grades depend substantially from energy spent while playing, the more energy you spend the higher your degree will be. As your degree grows up, you will be able to access more powerful vessels of your career.

How long is a game?

Blacksun has infinite duration.


How can I buy premium days?

There are two ways, by telephone with allopass or through paypal.

How much does it cost?

Through Allopass you buy 15 premium days with a call , the cost depends on your telephone provider, through paypal 1EUR is worth 10 days of premium.

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